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We partnered with UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women to make the impact of their efforts visible. They came to us needing both an EDM and social media campaign to encourage potential donors and raise awareness about the activities of UNTF, with the Make a Dent campaign. As a not-for-profit, they did not have a significant budget or contact list, and were looking for a way to maximise their impact with limited resources.

With this project, the UNTF were looking to help people understand what they do, and to encourage raising money for their programs. We devised some simple, punchy messaging for the campaign, and designed the infographics to get the message across quickly and effectively.

The sharable nature of both the EDM and social graphics encourage the recipients to be agents for preventing and ending violence against women by supporting (donating) and advocating (spreading the word) for and with UNTF.

We support a number of not-for-profits at Equilibrium and the work of this organisation is something we really believe in. Find out more here, spread the word and donate!

UNTF Make a Dent EDM Infographics