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Take a moment to think about how you access content online. You are probably reading this message on a smartphone on the go. Maybe you’re lying on your couch, tapping away on your iPad. It’s just as likely that you’re reading this on your computer at work. The point is, designers and developers just don’t know for certain where and under what circumstances a site will be accessed. As such, we need to be flexible, agile and adaptive—and so do our websites.



People are using their mobile devices (be it a smartphone or tablet) more than ever to access the internet. In fact, in the US, mobile apps recently overtook PCs for the first time for internet usage. Actual internet browsing has already been doing this for quite some time. 

Your potential audience may range from teenagers through to over 55’s. Do you choose to create only a mobile version of your site and hope your older users are savvy, iPhone 5-toting grannies? Or do you just release a full-screen website and wait 45 minutes for your images to load on your mobile device (and watch potential users bail from the site in droves)? The answer is neither, and both. With responsive web design, your site can be looking its best at any screen resolution, and on any device.



Responsive design actually means that one website can be built to optimise the content at any screen size, removing the need to create multiple websites for different platforms and saving both time and money in development (not to mention content management ease with one single source of information input). Equilibrium, in accordance with best practice, designs and develops all of our websites this way.


The result? Beautiful websites that are a pleasure to browse on any device, easy to manage over time and cost-effective to develop. #winning