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  • Zipline Cloud Salesforce App
  • Zipline Cloud Salesforce App
  • Zipline Cloud Salesforce App
  • Zipline Cloud Salesforce App
  • drag and drop interface design
  • ux & ui design
  • zipline salesforce app
  • zipline brand elements

Zipline extends the functionality of Salesforce, leveraging its incredible flexibility and workflow management capabilities. Inbound communications can trigger any business process that is configurable in Salesforce, based on any criteria. Zipline is the single source of truth for everything related to billing and communication.

The Challenge

Having built a seamless omnichannel customer communication management app for Salesforce, Zipline needed to make it into a product that people would love to use and that companies couldn’t do without.

The Outcome

Grounded in user-centred design methodologies, our product design makes Zipline’s sophisticated functionality simple. The drag-and-drop interface uses a conversational approach and carefully designed conditional logic to deliver an intuitive interface and great user experience.

Zipline (rebranded to Pendula) launched their app in late 2016 and have gone from strength to strength, now able to service over 180 countries across the globe and also integrating with Zuora.

The Equilibrium team created some amazing work for the launch of our new software app. They engaged with us early on and put in a lot of effort to understand the needs of both our business and the potential users of our software with research and workshops. They put so much heart into the project and were very supportive of us.

Alex Colvin