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Vivid Sydney is a multi-award winning, unique annual event of light, music and ideas, featuring an outdoor ‘gallery’ of interactive light sculptures. Our joint installation united the creative concept, user-centered design approach and visuals of Equilibrium Design, music and sound by Sofie Loizou, Dolby Atmos® sound, and the creative technology innovations of Dolby engineers.

The Challenge

To come up with a creative concept that was highly interactive, beautiful and fun, using surround sound in an interesting way. Working with the Dolby engineering team, the experiential design, visual and sound content, prototype and final installation had to be completed in under 3 months.

The Outcome

Electric Jellyfish was a hugely popular and loved interactive installation, activated by “plucking” an electric light string surrounding the perimeter of the dome. Visitors were rewarded for their interactions, each generating unique flares of light and sound shooting up from the string to the centre of the dome and producing a spectacular audio-visual experience. In collaboration, a unique species of jellyfish could be dynamically created.

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