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Urban Walkabout is a renowned global publisher of printed local area guides, curating food and drink, fashion, home and design, arts and culture, and travel.

The Challenge

To transform Urban Walkabout from a suite of print directories to a profitable, scalable and global digital publishing business.

The Outcome

Based on an extensive strategic and user-centred research process, we delivered a fully responsive, SEO optimised publishing platform that gets 100,000 unique impressions per month and has doubled Urban Walkabout’s measurable content marketing options for clients.

Now for the tech:

Fully responsive, rich-media, content-centric website
Custom, highly tailored CMS platform
Powerful faceted search and filtering
Hyperlocal and proximity search
User-customisable recommendation engine
Client dashboard to submit events, editorial and update listings
Data driven content population supplemented with wigitized configurable content modules
Social media integration and sign-up
Segmented EDM integration with member profiles

Equilibrium Design delivered:

User-centred research and consultation
Functional specification
Content model
User-experience design (UX)
Website visual identity and responsive user-interface (UI)
Data-driven logic and algorithms
CMS specification and design
Website and custom CMS development
Testing and Q&A

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