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  • Naughty x Nice Cover
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  • Naughty x Nice: Recipes from Kings Cross
  • award-winning local venues
  • café profile
  • recipe illustrations
  • features 25 delicious recipes

Naughty x Nice is a beautifully designed and lovingly curated cookbook that celebrates contemporary Kings Cross. Meet the people, hear their stories and learn to make signature dishes and drinks from some of the area’s best restaurants, cafes and bars – the ones that keep people coming back for more!

Inspired by the dual naughty and nice nature of Kings Cross, the book’s recipes also range from naughty drinks and dishes that are indulgent or considered guilty pleasures, to nice healthy recipes.

Naughty x Nice is a delicious exploration of our creative and cool community that you can take into your own kitchen. Discover hidden treasures and become a local aficionado of the new Kings Cross.

How to get it

Simply go to http://shop.equilibrium.design/ and order your book!


If you want to read more about the book check our blog HERE!

NXN Eau-de-Vie Recipe



Featuring 25 recipes from: ACME, Gastro Park, The Butler, The Roosevelt, Caffe Roma, Eau de Vie, Petrol Kitchen, Bar Coluzzi, Uliveto, Parson’s Bar & Kitchen, Bar Brosé, Buffalo Dining Club, Café Hernandez, Farmhouse, Malabar, Health Nuts, Sunrise Asian, The White Wall, Hugonette’s, Pickled, and The World Bar.